L. S. Engineering, Inc. - Grand Rapids/Greenville, Michigan, USA
Date:November 30, 2006

M-44 over the Grand River

L. S. Engineering, Inc. (LSE) performed full construction engineering services for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the partial reconstruction of M-44 over the Grand River in Grand Rapids Township, Kent County, Michigan.  LSE provided experienced engineers and testers along with partnering with another firm providing a senior technician.  This project involved many aspects of bridge construction engineering.

The existing structure was a 6 span steel arch girder bridge.  The reconstruction consisted of partially removing the existing deck, widening the structure with additional new steel beams, hydrodemolitioning the remainder of the existing deck, then replacing the bridge deck with designated pedestrian crossing area.  In order to widen the structure, the piers were widened to provide a bearing area for another new steel beam.  The existing steel beams were also cleaned and coated.  There were areas of substructure patching also on the existing piers.  The approaches were also reconstructed down to the subgrade on this project.  LSE’s engineers expertly handled many complicated situations such as traffic control layouts, and changes to new structural steel elements.  LSE’s experienced testers tested materials on site including concrete, bridge painting materials, in-place density or aggregates, as well as mechanical analysis of backfill materials.

Project Cost: $$$