Scott Civil Engineering Company was founded in 1983 by Robert H. Scott, P.E. in Grand Rapids, MI.  The company specialized in bridge design, primarily for local government agencies.  Throughout the years, the services Scott Civil Engineering Co. provided grew to include inspections of in-service bridges, construction oversight, and a wider range of bridge design capabilities.  To date, Scott Civil Engineering Co. has designed over 190 bridges in Michigan.  Additionally, Scott Civil Engineering Co. performs hundreds of bridge inspections for local government agencies throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan.

In 2004, when Mr. Scott began to consider semi-retirement, he sold the majority of Scott Civil Engineering Co. to LSE.  Since then, Scott Civil Engineering Co. has become a wholly owned subsidiary of LSE.  By bringing the two companies together, we can efficiently offer full-service transportation infrastructure services to a wide range of clients.  Because of the slightly different backgrounds of both companies, our staff has a solid understanding of the needs and concerns of local agencies and MDOT which allows us to tailor our services to best fit each individual situation.

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