L. S. Engineering, Inc. (LSE) employs engineers licensed in the State of Michigan. Our engineers are very experienced in performing full construction engineering services. We have been contracted by many agencies from local Villages and Cities, to Counties, and on up to the Michigan Department of Transportation. We have experience in managing all types of road and bridge construction projects. Check out some of types of construction projects we have engineered below:

Road Construction Engineering experience includes:

  • Complete road reconstruction (Concrete, HMA, Brick Paver)
  • Full depth joint repair (HMA, Concrete)
  • HMA crushing and shaping
  • Road profiling/embankment balancing
  • Shoulder trenching/road widening
  • Curb and gutter, sidewalk, ADA sidewalk ramp installation
  • Sewer and drainage reconstruction
  • Cold milling and HMA resurfacing
  • Guardrail upgrading
  • Non-freeway sign upgrading
  • Pavement marking layout and placement

Bridge Construction Engineering experience includes:

  • Complete bridge demolition
  • New bridge construction (steel, concrete, timber)
  • Bridge deck and barrier replacement
  • Bridge deck hydrodemolition
  • Bridge deck sounding and patching
  • Expansion joint replacement
  • Pin and Hanger replacment
  • Structural steel cleaning and coating
  • Structural steel repairs (bolted and welded)
  • Pier replacement with temporary supports
  • Substructure repairs

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