L. S. Engineering, Inc. - Grand Rapids/Greenville, Michigan, USA

Specialty Services

L. S. Engineering, Inc. can provide a wide range of civil engineering services. Below are a few of our specialty services we can provide you:

Claims & Litigation

LSE staff have a wide range of experience relating to the resolution of construction claims. Additio
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Critical Path Developement

LSE has engineers experienced in developing Critical Path Networks for complex road and bridge const
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L. S. Engineering, Inc. can perform audits of your project’s records to ensure proper procedur
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Project Finals

L. S. Engineering, Inc. can provide you with project final reviews. We go over the project’s d
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Expert Witness

With L. S. Engineering, Inc. being such an experienced civil engineering firm, our engineers have be
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Grant Application

L. S. Engineering, Inc. offers grant application preparation services to agencies and organizations
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