Melissa Rozelle, P.E.

Design Engineer / Qualified Team Leader

Melissa has five years of construction engineering and design engineering services experience on MDOT and MDOT-Let Local Agency projects.  Her experience includes five years performing inspection, testing and surveying services during the construction season and four years performing design work in the winter months.  She has worked on several new bridge construction projects and various road reconstruction projects, as well as design of several bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation and road reconstruction jobs for local agencies throughout the Grand Region TSC and the Cadillac TSC areas.  She has been responsible for all inspection and testing as well as documentation of contract work using FieldBook and is an experienced user of ProjectWise.  Melissa is very detailed and has the ability to be proactive in planning to head off potential issues before they become problems affecting the project schedule or budget, in both design and construction phases. She also is gaining in-service bridge inspection experience as a Qualified Team Leader.